Actress at large

Ciara Flynn

Ciara (kee-ar-ah) began acting at the age of 12 when she found a mysterious road sign advertising auditions for after-school Shakespeare plays. Soon she was added to an intensive live performance youth conservatory, Austin Shakespeare's Young Shakespeare, and played the lead for both their inaugural and second years.  While she still has a large soft spot for live theater, Ciara was drawn to film and television and soon signed with her first agent and began working in the industry while living in Austin, TX.

Shortly after completing her first lead role in a major feature film (Lumberjack Man with Michael Madsen and Adam Sessler), currently distributed by Showtime, Ciara moved to Los Angeles to further pursue film and TV work in the sunshine and drought.  Since then, she has had supporting roles in two movies on Lifetime Network, been featured in music videos for major record labels and enjoys taking on strange and wonderful characters in indie features & shorts.

Her passions include horse riding, her Siberian Husky, kick boxing, and telling Netflix that she is, indeed, still watching that.